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I'm this close to start crying...
BJ thanks

I havent' been around much lately, I never expected to get sooo many birthday greetings here.
This is so... overwhelming.
Thank you so so so much. XOXO

Thank you for personal the entry on your Blog to:
kellankyle, guavejuice, later2nite, sjmpets, galenut, ls1966, spike7451, yvonnereid, mander3_swish, rainbow1907, 7wildwaysup

Thank you for the lovely birthday wishes via PN to:
kinwad, jodiegd, techgirl_on_ij, mitakay, rulisteningbj, 13margo, galehot, alx4426

Thank you for the V-Gifts to:
kinnetikdreams, predec2, galenut, spike7451, pam81

Makes me feel so guilty for missing probably ALL of your birthdays last year :(

Seriously, I'm almost crying here.

Bilbao Convention Pictures Randy Harrison & Scott Lowell
Here we go with part one of all my pics... uploading needs hours *LOL*
First Randy Harrison, second Scott Lowell.
Most of the pics good enough for arts. But... the orange background SUCKS TO NO END!

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Happy Birthday yvonnereid

Happy Birthday, yvonnereid.
May all your wishes come true.

See you in Bilbao!

Merry Christmas my dear F-List and some "Thank you's"
soulmatejunkee all people on my F-List and all people out there.
May all your wishes come true.

I got some very very beautiful Christmas Cards
with drawings, printings and even a cute Randy-magnet
in it and I couldn't be more thankful.

Special hugs to:

One day I opened my letter-box and got post
from Israel, Italy, Canada and Germany all in one.
That's what I call a good Christmas.

Makes me feel even more guilty for not writing any cards this year.

But let me tell you, I love you girls!


Icons Darren Criss

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Brian & Justin Video "Loving him was red"
BJ Promo
I just "found" that song and yeah... had to do something!

I hope you'll enjoy it.

Soulmate II
I know it's already the 12th of September... but I will never forget the Cover of the "BILD-Zeitung" twelve years ago...

Image and video hosting by TinyPic</a>

And I'm still shocked every year it comes up again.
It's still unbelievable...

Let's just talk about being a gay-couple(s)-fangirl
Hey girls (and boys)!
Long time ago since my last post huh?
Remember me?
Well, I spent the whole weekend in front of youtube and it was like a flashback to all those gay-couples (it's been not that many *LOL*) I ever shipped and I saw some old vids and I was all like "Awwww... yeah, I remember this".

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Actor/me Pics from the L.A. Con
Well, so... here we go :)
(and tomorrow we start the next diet!)

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