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Rise'n Shine Convention Canada
Hello, Hello!!

Does anyone still know who I am? *lol*

Anyway, as some of you might already know, there's going to be another QAF-Convention in 2016, June, in Canada - back to the roots :)

And since I'm planning to do I just wanted to ask if maybe some of you might be there as well?

More thank you's...
BJ thanks
...and I feel like the worst LJ-Girl ever, but I'm so so touched by all the wishes.

So, I wanna thank guavejuice and yvonnereid and predec2 and 7wildwaysup and kellankyle and sjmpets for their personal postings for me!!

Thank you!!

Thank you... thank you... thank you...
BJ thanks
My last entry was exactly one year ago and when I came to LJ today to get a new QAF fan some links to Fanfictions, I never expected to find a full inbox... that almost made me cry.

Thank you so much rulisteningbj, techgirl_on_ij, kinwad, bibiherz and galerose

And ... and I got 2 Virtual Gifts! So, also a huge Thank you to kinnetikdreams and rulisteningbj

I know I'm not around anymore, but... I just want you to know that I still think about you. All of you. And I miss you and the good ol' times on LJ! I really, really do. I love you guys.

And ... well, I'm going to New York in 3 weeks and I think I'll share some of my pics with you when I'm back! We all love NY, right? :)

Thank you so so much!!

I'm this close to start crying...
BJ thanks

I havent' been around much lately, I never expected to get sooo many birthday greetings here.
This is so... overwhelming.
Thank you so so so much. XOXO

Thank you for personal the entry on your Blog to:
kellankyle, guavejuice, later2nite, sjmpets, galenut, ls1966, spike7451, yvonnereid, mander3_swish, rainbow1907, 7wildwaysup

Thank you for the lovely birthday wishes via PN to:
kinwad, jodiegd, techgirl_on_ij, mitakay, rulisteningbj, 13margo, galehot, alx4426

Thank you for the V-Gifts to:
kinnetikdreams, predec2, galenut, spike7451, pam81

Makes me feel so guilty for missing probably ALL of your birthdays last year :(

Seriously, I'm almost crying here.

Bilbao Convention Pictures Randy Harrison & Scott Lowell
Here we go with part one of all my pics... uploading needs hours *LOL*
First Randy Harrison, second Scott Lowell.
Most of the pics good enough for arts. But... the orange background SUCKS TO NO END!

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Happy Birthday yvonnereid

Happy Birthday, yvonnereid.
May all your wishes come true.

See you in Bilbao!

Merry Christmas my dear F-List and some "Thank you's"
soulmatejunkee all people on my F-List and all people out there.
May all your wishes come true.

I got some very very beautiful Christmas Cards
with drawings, printings and even a cute Randy-magnet
in it and I couldn't be more thankful.

Special hugs to:

One day I opened my letter-box and got post
from Israel, Italy, Canada and Germany all in one.
That's what I call a good Christmas.

Makes me feel even more guilty for not writing any cards this year.

But let me tell you, I love you girls!


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Brian & Justin Video "Loving him was red"
BJ Promo
I just "found" that song and yeah... had to do something!

I hope you'll enjoy it.


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