soulmatejunkee (soulmatejunkee) wrote,

I'm this close to start crying...


I havent' been around much lately, I never expected to get sooo many birthday greetings here.
This is so... overwhelming.
Thank you so so so much. XOXO

Thank you for personal the entry on your Blog to:
kellankyle, guavejuice, later2nite, sjmpets, galenut, ls1966, spike7451, yvonnereid, mander3_swish, rainbow1907, 7wildwaysup

Thank you for the lovely birthday wishes via PN to:
kinwad, jodiegd, techgirl_on_ij, mitakay, rulisteningbj, 13margo, galehot, alx4426

Thank you for the V-Gifts to:
kinnetikdreams, predec2, galenut, spike7451, pam81

Makes me feel so guilty for missing probably ALL of your birthdays last year :(

Seriously, I'm almost crying here.
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