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Born To Love You

It's Meant To Be

8 April 1977
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"Why can't forever start today?"
This is me: I'm Steffi, I'm 36, I'm from Germany. I'm an ariel and I live that sign. I'm stubborn, crazy, loyal and normally I'm nice, but I can be bitchy. I'm not very patient. I'm Single, but happy with it, not really looking out to change that, but who knows... I'm an only child and you can say I'm spoiled. I'm a creative person, I love to write and I love to read. I can't stand arrogance and ignorance. I love music, dancing and singing (you don't wanna listen to it, trust me). I love to travel. If I wouldn't have to work for living, I would live on the canary island Lanzarote.
My addictions: Beverly Hills, 90210 (The Original! I'm a Kelly/Dylan Fan, so don't argue with me about "Cheaters" or whatsoever, I always have and always will love them), One Tree Hill (Naley forever!), Queer As Folk (I love Justin, I'm a Justin's girl! So yeah for B/J, but don't argue with me about Ethan, I do NOT hate him!). I love Glee, my favorite is Sam Evans, I like Klaine, I love Blam and I adore Darren Criss, so don't give me shit here, either!
My favorite celebrities: Darren Criss, Jennie Garth, Neil Patrick Harris, Leonardo DiCaprio, Randy Harrison - I do love Gossip!!
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My QAF Website (german): Queer as Folk Germany